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What are the Uses of a Chiller?

Good quality AC wallbox charger for sales
Good quality AC wallbox charger for sales
when i see you first time, Simon, i believe we will have some business with you.And i like your water fan coil and your VRF air conditioner units.

—— Nassif-Lebanon

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we have the request for water fan coil full range and DEKON made all these for us, and in CKD form, it is not easy to find such ono factory in China.

—— David

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What are the Uses of a Chiller?
What are the Uses of a Chiller?


Chillers are essential equipment in the HVAC industry, and happens to supply various cooling equipment suited for different industries. Chilling systems have been a great help for providing cooling for various manufacturing and other industrial processes. The discovery of chilling systems at the end of the twentieth century has enabled cooling equipment to be used in various industries. In a broader perspective, chillers are general pieces of equipment that provide a cooling effect in a given space and environment.


Below are some of the most common applications of chillers:

Work Environment:

When a piece of equipment is in full operation, temperatures will rise rapidly, resulting in an undesirable workplace. That is why production temperatures are carefully controlled on a manufacturing shop floor to maintain a conducive working environment. Chillers are used for production operations to ensure that the working conditions are at the proper temperature. They provide cooling effects by introducing chilled air to an area. There are many equipment choices and installation methods available for any desired application.



Chillers are the most appropriate equipment to provide a cooling effect for industrial operations because they are both economical and effective. It is common for industrial types of machinery to create heat through friction, high powered equipment, and furnaces or ovens. To increase their lifespan, a chiller will be installed to cooled liquid through equipment to maintain efficiency and productivity.



Another application for chillers is to cool laser equipment during its processing. Laser machines are cooled for them to perform at peak efficiency, wherein they are required to maintain an optimal wavelength. The types of chillers used for this equipment are water chiller systems.


Plastic Manufacturing:

One thing about plastic is that it is a heat-sensitive material wherein its mechanical properties may be greatly impacted or damaged by being too hot. So to avoid this, chillers are installed within the process to cool the processed products properly. In the injection molding process, the cooling temperature of a mold will define the finished product's quality. Furthermore, chillers are also used in plastic extrusion processes.


Metal Plating:

Chillers are used in the metal plating industry to cool down metals undergoing high-temperature electroplating processes. Heat is produced during the bonding of the plating material with the bare metal. These are needed to be cooled to not affect the mechanical properties of the work part.



Food Production:

The food production industry has high standards when it comes to temperature control. They are required to maintain a temperature range where microorganisms cannot propagate. To solve this concern, chillers are used to provide the cooling effect to keep food products at an approved temperature.



Power Generation:

Power plants are one of the major industries where chillers are commonly used because power generation produces a great deal of heat to produce electrical power. Chillers help absorb the heat generated from different equipment to ensure smooth operation.



Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Chillers provide constant cooling for different equipment in the medical field, such as MRI scanners, CT scanners, and other calibrated machines. This equipment is needed to be controlled at a specified temperature to ensure its efficient operation. Another application for chillers is the preservation of medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplies. Chillers can provide a controlled temperature with both accuracy and precision.



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